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About Chem Proof Constructions

Chem Proof Constructions is a leading waterproofing solution contractor, and expert epoxy system specialists in Cochin, Kerala.

By choosing Chem Proof Constructions waterproofing experts, all water leakage problems connected with roofing, terrace, basement etc can be technically solved. Chem Proof Constructions waterproofing solutions have already got accepted by a wide number of satisfied customers in Kochi, Ernakulam, Kerala.

Chem Proof Constructions have highly efficient and dedicated technicians to conduct waterproofing solutions for your building. We deliver quality services and excellent results by usage of latest technologies and successful waterproofing methods for our customers. Chem Proof Constructions water proofing solutions provides guaranteed water resisting services by usage of high-quality waterproofing materials and products to achieve better results for our customers.


Chem Proof Constructions achieves a successive level than other waterproofing solution contractors in Cochin and different districts of Kerala. We deliver our projects with more responsibility and dedication in our waterproofing services. Chem Proof Constructions caters all types of waterproofing services to solve water leakages on roof, terrace basement etc. We have specialist team for epoxy coating solutions and other types of protective coatings services. Chem Proof Constructions provides our all-waterproofing solutions & services on most affordable rates.

Our Specialization
Before starting our waterproofing treatments, our specialist engineers will check out be building and thoroughly inspect the water leakage causes. So, our technical team can identify the cause of leak and decide the method and material to solve the problem completely.

Our Team

Aneesh Natarajan

Managing Director

18 years of experience in waterproofing and construction industry

Soumya MN

Marketing Manager

10 years of experience in construction industy

Our Clients